Many people are now looking for storage solutions that make the most of what little space they have. Perhaps storage gresham or is not enough in your apartment or you invite family members to move into your large home.

Perhaps storage space is not enough in your apartment or you invite family members to move into your large home.

Tiny home builders have clever storage solutions that can be copied in any home, regardless of whether it is space limitations or the desire to increase storage.

Spencer Sousa, owner and operator of Rough Cut Tiny Homes in Conway, South Carolina, said, “I really understand how important space is.” “I point out the areas that I can use to store space when I enter a full-size home because it has so much space.”

Although tiny homes are smaller than many apartments, they still have to be as spacious and functional as full-sized houses. Emily McCulloch is a Palm Springs-based Cheeky Monkey Tiny House.

She said that tiny homes are like capsule wardrobes in that they maximize space. However, every part of the home is meticulously designed and constructed so you can both appreciate its beauty and the utility of it.

These 4 storage solutions inspired by tiny homes can help you maximize the space in your home.

1. Bed Storage

McCulloch stated that tiny homes can be made more spacious by putting the bed in the corner.

You might consider buying or building a murphy bed. This is a great option if you need a guest bedroom that can also double as your home office.

McCulloch stated that even tiny spaces can do great in the area under the bed.

Tiny home builders often raise the bed to maximize storage. They also build pull-out drawers to store shoes and clothes. A hydraulic bed lift can be installed to lift the mattress and store clothes or other items.

2. Under Stair Storage

To meet any need, you can create storage underneath the staircase.

McCulloch and Sousa both say that they make cubbies using doors or drawers. It’s common to use the under stair nook for kitchen appliances, washers and dryers, as well as beds.

McCulloch shared that some people prefer storage under the stairs to be hidden, while others like the appearance of cabinets under the stairs.

Sousa loves to slide the drawer out from the top of a staircase and store items like a mop, vacuum cleaner, or broom.

He said that stairs are an excellent storage space and can be used to store a lot of stuff.

Sousa stated that this is possible in a home with limited space. Sousa has seen homes that used the space below the stairs to house a wine cellar.

People often choose to install closets under the highest steps so that they can hang clothes or iron boards.

McCulloch stated that storage’s best feature is its flexibility.

3. Furniture Storage

A key to making tiny homes functional and livable is being able to use furniture efficiently.

Sousa stated that he loves furniture that serves two purposes. A couch, or seating bench with storage at the bottom are some examples.

A client wanted a dog cage for their small home. So they bought two dog crates and used them as TV stands.

A laundry area would be a great place for a dog crate. You can use the counter top as a table to fold clothes and store the crate.

You can fold up or retract your countertop and pull out table easily.

“Consider any empty space as an opportunity to store more. Is there an empty corner? McCulloch suggested that you add built-ins to make the most of your space.

Sousa stated that the kitchen is a great place to store storage. You can use the kickboard on cabinets to create a pull-out drawer for baking or cookie sheets. To make pull-out spice racks, he also used the spaces between cabinets and appliances.

He said, “Normally that would have been voided space that would then be covered with trim.” “We have turned them into spice racks or cookie sheet drawers.”

4. Vertical Storage

A kitchen in a small home is a great place to make the most of vertical space.

Cheeky Monkey builds shelves and cubbies in walls instead of distributing appliances across countertops. This allows for efficient storage.

McCulloch stated that “Going vertical for storage is key”

Sousa also suggested another trick: make sure that the kitchen cabinets reach the ceiling.

He said, “You can store so much space up there and that really makes it look nice.”

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