Attract Wildlife

In some climates, wildlife is avoided at all costs. Alligators and raccoons aren’t exactly ideal backyard company. However, in Utah, wildlife is welcomed and even adored. Robins, finches, and doves are particularly common in the Salt Lake City, Utah, area, and a water feature such as a fountain or pond may attract these dainty creatures. Squirrels and rabbits are also drawn to bubbling baths. If you have a soft spot for wild creatures, you should consider installing a water feature in your yard so that you can spend your afternoons enjoying the company of cuddly critters.

Increase Propety Value

Why add a water feature to your landscape if you’re just planning to move in the next year or so? Water features such as streams and bubbling pots can actually make your home more appealing to potential buyers as well as increase your property’s overall value. Whether you install a feature in the front or back of your home, you could ultimately sell your home for thousands of dollars more by adding visual charm. Stone fountains and zen gardens are a great addition to your landscape that require little maintenance.

Calm Your Soul

Philosophers, religious leaders, and doctors alike have all preached of the incredible healing power of water. There’s a reason many therapists have fountains running in their offices, and there’s a reason thousands of people love falling asleep to the sound of the ocean or rain or some sort of water-related sound. The sound of flowing water is used as a source of white noise for meditation, and many doctors recommend hydrotherapy in the form of saunas, hot tubs, and compresses. Adding a water feature to your Utah landscape can help capture the relaxation and peace that comes from listening to and being near flowing water. Consider installing a stream, pond, fountain, or other water feature as a source of calm for your home. After a long day’s work, take time to meditate by your water feature, read a book, or write a poem while listening to its song.

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