As a business owner, you should be seriously considering investing in commercial tree services. The trees on your land need regular maintenance to help them stay looking their best and ensure they don’t pose any safety risks to your customers and employees. Keep reading to find out why tree care services are so important for businesses.

Boost the visual appeal of your landscape

By hiring a company to provide commercial tree surgery, you can help ensure that your landscape stays looking attractive. A tree surgeon can prune and trim your trees regularly, making sure they look their best. Without regular tree care, branches can begin to sprout in all directions, leaving the canopy looking straggly and misshapen. Well-maintained trees can enhance the look of your commercial gardens or grounds considerably, making them much more appealing to your customers.

Improves the health of your trees

Commercial tree services can help the trees on your land to remain healthy for as long as possible. Regular pruning allows dead or diseased branches to be removed, allowing the tree to grow stronger and healthier ones. Pruning a tree also boosts air circulation throughout the canopy, which is essential for its health. Professional tree care services can also help to identify and treat diseased or infested trees. An experienced tree surgeon may be able to treat the disease or the tree may need to be felled to prevent it from spreading.

Boost health and safety standards

Trees that aren’t adequately maintained can become safety hazards, potentially causing serious injury to your customers, employees and even passers-by. Branches, or even the trees themselves, can fall if they’re not properly cared for. Someone sustaining an injury due to one of your trees won’t just give your business a bad reputation but it could lead to your business being prosecuted too. In 2021, the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) reported that it had prosecuted a council for failing to maintain trees next to a public footpath, which led to the death of a member of the general public. The council was fined £300,000 as a result.

Commercial tree care services in Essex

Commercial tree surgery is vital for businesses with trees on their land. At Essex Tree Brothers, we’re on hand to carry out ongoing maintenance of your trees, ensuring they remain attractive, healthy and safe long into the future. Our experienced tree surgeons use the most effective methods in our work, achieving exceptional results every time. We’ve been serving Essex businesses of all sizes for many years, carrying out tree care work ranging from minor pruning tasks to felling and planting trees of all species.

To discuss your commercial tree care needs with one of our friendly team, call us on (01245) 955 117 or (01621) 484306. Alternatively, send us a message via the contact form on the website and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can. We can arrange an on-site survey so that we can assess your tree care requirements.