Do you want to experiment with something unique to break out from the conventional styles of interior décor? Mirrors can be an excellent way to try out unique designs and decors for each room in the house. From the new-age minimal designing trends to the grand décor of royal wooden works, everything looks better with the shine of a mirror panel. There are so many different ways through which a mirror can uplift the appeal of a room. Do you want to explore inspiring ideas? Read along to know better! 

Reasons to use mirrors for interior décor – A mirror adds so much more than a shining appeal to the room. It helps you make the room look bigger than the actual size. With the correct angle and placement of mirrors with decorated frames, you can experiment with the light effects in the room. Also, if you want to keep the décor simple, mirrors can be the best solution. So here are the top 10 ideas to experiment with mirrors for your house or apartment 

For living area – A vintage look

Are you a fan of vintage decorations? A mirror and jharokha combination can add wonders to the decoration. You can find beautifully designed jharokhas with or without mirrors. If you want to place a mirror inside the jharokha, customize the design. You can also keep the pieces distinct and bring a unique contrast of old-world charm with the wooden jharokha and shiny bling with the mirror. Step back in time with timeless décor pieces that tell a story of a different time.  

Center of attention – For a grand décor

A mirror on the pillar of the room can be an excellent interior décor idea. You can cover the pillar with mirrors and highlight the edges with a wooden frame. It brings a grand appeal to a room and grabs the attention whenever anyone enters the room. You can also hang the Jalli-crafted mirrors on the pillars, a grand choice for living rooms with wooden furniture. 

Mirror in the passage – A visual illusion

Passage mirrors are the current trending choice for interior decoration. It makes the narrow passage look bigger, and the reflection of the like make the appeal illusional. You can cover the complete wall with a mirror or find artistically crafted metal frames with mirrors. If the passage is too narrow and lacks a light source, go for a full-length mirror. Otherwise, the hanging mirrors can also look fine. 

Mixing wooden décor with mirrors

Wooden furniture with a black tint on the body compliments the shine of mirrors. It is best to place a mirror beside a wooden wardrobe or behind a dining table. Place the projection lights above the mirror to set the contrast perfect. The reflection on the mirror will enhance the aesthetics of the room to a different level. It is an excellent idea for those having a big area for drawing cum dining space. 

English mirror décor for your bedroom

English mirrors have a minimalistic design that aptly matches the décor of a bedroom. It is not something that makes the room too bright with the reflection of light on the wall. The balanced use of the wooden design on the frame and mirror in between brings out the best combination ever. The décor would go perfectly with dimmed lights and pastel shades in your bedroom. For bringing a calm and soothing appeal to the room, use this idea at your house. 

Asymmetrical mirror design on the wall

Asymmetrical mirrors sporadically placed on a wide wall brings a quirky appeal to a room. It is a unique design for a living room with new-age furniture and bright colors. You can use framed mirrors of various shapes to decorate a wall in the room and leave the rest of the walls as it is. It will certainly grasp the attention and exhibit the quirky idea that led to the inimitable decoration. 

Mirror on the stairs with lights

Have you seen the application of mirrors on a stair? The gap between stairs is an excellent place to put a mirror. Especially for narrow stairs that rise from the living room to your bedroom, the mirrors are a great idea. Anyone sitting on the couch of the living room can enjoy the view of the mirrors placed on the stair gaps. It makes the place look bigger. With the correct placement of light at the bottom, the entire look can change! 

Oversized mirror for minimal décor

An oversized mirror with a heavily worked frame is a visual delight. You can place it in a corner of your living room with some artificial creeping plants. It brings a soothing touch to the décor with a hint of greenery. Place the mirror on the floor and rest it on the wall at an angle. You can occasionally change the angle according to the light source. A room with minimal furniture or dull colors on the wall would go best with the oversized mirror. 

Mirror and colored frames – A bright décor

Red, blue, yellow, green, and many more colors on the mirror frames can immediately brighten a room. People who love gardening often keep mirrors with colored frames on their balconies to balance the green shade. The mirrors can be rectangular in shape or round. If you have a square-shaped wall in the balcony, hang three mirrors with different colors in a symmetrical alignment. It will enhance the entire look of the balcony! 

Experiment with the shapes of the mirror

To play with the innovative mirror ideas, you have to experiment with the different shapes. From a star-shaped mirror to a pentagon frame, mirrors can ace the appeal in any shape! You can place them on a wall with no extra wall arts or artifacts. The best place to put such unconventionally shaped mirrors is on the wall that faces the entrance door. It will act as a light reflector and bring an aesthetic charm to the room. 

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